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Would you like to make the earth a little more green while keeping your kitchen looking stylish?  Our handcrafted, eco friendly beeswax wraps do just that!  They are made from 100% choice cotton, local beeswax, a splash of jojoba oil, and a whole lotta love! These fully compostable wraps will help our mother earth while keeping your kitchen trendy.


Our wraps are made ready to use. The options for keeping perisables fresh are endless!  You can wrap cheese, bowls, snacks on the go, veggies, and so much more!


The warmth from your hands heats up the wax bringing out it's sticky nature and creating a seal better than cling wrap! Beeswax has  antimicrobial properties making it the perfect natural substitute. 

For maintaining your wraps, wash with cold water after use-adding mild detergent if needed.  They will last for up to a year with good care at which time they are fully compostable.  


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