Nature’s Hardest Worker

With the first day of spring having arrived yesterday you can feel the difference in the air, you can hear the birds singing their songs, the sunshine is a little warmer than it was during the winter months.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and growth. A time to learn and discover. A time to be one with nature and appreciate every part of its beauty.

Having young children we are always reading and lately honeybees have been the highlight of their curiosity.

Teaching young children how to help and protect the honeybee is important for so many reasons. The honeybee is one of nature’s biggest pollinators, without them we wouldn’t have as many fruits and vegetables to eat. The risk of dairy and meat products would be affected as well because farmers feed their animals with food that is made from pollinated plants.

Everyone needs to do their part in helping populate the honeybees. There are many ways we can all lend a helping hand! Who doesn’t love a bright, colourful garden filled with lovely smelling wild flowers? Flowers and herbs such as










are a great way to help the honeybees. They love the rich nectar these plants provide and will be happy to dance through the pollen they give off. Remember, a pesticide free garden is best. Let nature do it’s thing and embrace those dandelions!

Speaking of dancing! Did you know honeybees communicate with each other by doing a dance called the “waggle dance”

Sounds fun, right? She walks around in two loops and shakes her body. The angle of the dance tells the other honeybees the direction of where to find the flowers. The dance also lets the honeybees know if the flowers are close or far away. If the flowers are further away the honeybee dances for a longer time. If the flowers are close it’s just a short waggle dance. Pretty cool!

Let’s all do our part in making a difference for the honeybees! Get out into nature and observe them at work. Spread the word about the importance of helping the honeybees. Make a bee hotel. Something we are definitely going to do this summer!

We’ve listed some of our favourite books to learn more about honeybees. Go to your local library and check them out!

Have a bee-utiful day 🌷🐝🌱

The Bee Book - Charlotte Milner

Flight of the Honey Bee - Raymond Huber

These Bees Count! - Alison Formento

The Beeman - Laurie Krebs

What if there were no bees? - Suzanne Slade

Are you a Bee? - Judy Allan

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